How to should I prepare for my cleaning?

You can leave your room as is and we will take care of moving everything requested, however, we generally suggest the following when asked by our clients:

  • Removal of all breakable items from furniture. (Example: ceramics, glass, pictures, lamps, and end/coffee tables.)

  • Removal of small items from floor. (Example: Magazine racks, small plants, floor lamps, children's toys)

  • During the pre-inspection walk through please advise us of any special instruction prior to moving furniture.  It is helpful to know about weak legs, loose tops, etc.

  • Even though we are excellent at finding spots and stains, you should point out any spot or stain you are specifically concerned about and let us know what may have caused the stain if known.  Special tools and techniques may be needed.

  • Please arrange to put your pets in a safe, quiet place where our cleaning technicians will not disturb them.  After the cleaning you should not let kids or pets lie down on the carpet till it is dry

  • Inform us which furniture you would like moved or to be left in place.

  • NOTE: Some items may typically not be moved including the following:

    • Antiques (such as grandfather clocks)

    • Pianos

    • Some dressers and armories

    • China and curio cabinets

    • Entertainment centers

    • Electrical equipment such as computers, televisions, stereo’s etc.  


We can clean underneath these items if the space is available.  When the space is not available we can edge vacuum eight around the base.  Remember any furniture that is not moved is not applied to the total square footage that we clean.




How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

Carpets typically take approximately 24 hours to dry and upholstery typically take between 5-8 hours. If requested we will provide a dryer to our customers to increase drying time.


Can I walk on my carpets after cleaning?

Yes, you can walk on carpets immediately after they have been cleaned, however, it is suggested you do so either bare foot or wearing socks. Also note, it may be extremely slippery when walking from wet carpets to non-wax flooring so proceed with caution!



What products are recommended for maintenance?

Many products offered in today market leave a residue behind after use. The result is that the spot seems to have disappeared on application, however, unless extracted the left over residue becomes a magnet for dirt with the spot often times coming back worse than before. We offer and suggest the following products for use in between cleanings.

* “Spot out”   A neutral detergent solution that you DO NOT have to rinse out. * All our clients receive a free 8oz bottle of Spot Out after your cleaning job.

* “Vets Trust” An enzyme spotter for pet problem stains. Retail 16oz bottle @ 15.95. Our clients, $9.95


How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Depending on traffic the answer to this question can vary. We typically recommend the average house be cleaned every 12-18 months, however, if children and pets are present the frequency can increase to every six months. Of course the choice is up to you! For commercial cleaning we recommend cleaning every six months in order to maintain and extend the life of the carpet.

Why treat my carpet & fabric after cleaning?


#1        It reduces permanent stains
#2        Save your traffic areas
#3        Make spots easier to remove (ask us about “Spot Out”)
#4        Make your next cleaning more effective
#5        Carpets & fabric will last longer

Wasn’t my carpet/fabric treated at the factory?


Yes, but it does wear off.


2 ways factory protector is removed –

*  Regular foot traffic (usually 6 months to 2 years depending on traffic)

*  High alkalinity – Harsh alkaline chemicals will remove factory protector

  • What kind of protectors does Action Carpet Care & Maintenance Company use?


For Furniture – included in the cost of furniture cleaning we will treat the used portion of the furniture with Sta-Clene 940.  This is a silica base product and is excellent for resisting water base spills.  It does not resist oil spills and dry soil.  We also offer “Scotchgard” the most recognized name in carpet & fabric protection.  This is a “flouro-chemical” and this resists all 3 types of soil (water base, oil base, dry soil).  There is an extra charge for Scotchgard.


For Carpets -  We will only use scotchgard for carpets. Call for prices.

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